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  • Instead, I merely sat quietly, and after a moment, stroked his knuckles very lightly with my thumb.
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    She got up and I said, Get in the office and she said, No, you get in the office. They are aware of parts of the plan but not all of it.

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  • He was not nervous, but he was not entirely at ease either: he had obviously come to ask for something. When it cleared, a cold light shone on a monstrous shape standing in a cavernous space on two thick lower limbs.
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    Pitt paused and looked up at the rusty sides of the Oregon. Daniel followed the boy's eyes to where Sha'll was standing.
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  • At least a dozen jungle fowl sprang up from the shattered pavement and flapped madly past our feet, leaving a small cloud of dust and feathers behind them.

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